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Final Ice Storm Update?

December 12, 2007

Well, the ice storm seems to be over. Yesterday all we had was rain and it didn’t freeze. Dodged a bullet there.

Ann said there is snow on the ground in Columbia, but no ice in the trees. She says there’s NOTHING in Jefferson City. Given that we’re 15 miles from both — and we got a HEAVY dose of ice with some snow — this seems to be an isolated event in Boone County. Lucky us.

The power company spent three days running chainsaws in the ridgeline across the highway from us. There’s a major power line going through the trees. Given how many limbs we lost, I can only imagine how bad it was over there.

Here are some pictures of our downed trees. Up until the last post, it was limited to our huge Cottonwood near the house. Now, I’m sad to report, several of our trees have taken a beating. Luckily nothing has fallen on the house.

Another picture of limbs from our Cottonwood tree…notice has the pile grows each time!

Our Willow trees by the pond took a huge beating:

This tree in our front yard is near the house. We heard several of the limbs while sitting in the living room watching TV. Spencer’s room is in the top corner and he came scrambling out once thinking the tree was coming down on the house.
Notice how the tops are broken off.

These two trees are recent breaks. I didn’t know they had broken until I went outside to take pictures. These are on the “road” to the barn near where the swingset used to sit.

Finally, a tree in the front yard across the driveway: