Boortz’s 2008 Opening Comments

This is the first of several 2007 or 2008 lists that I will publish over the next week or two — filler for when our lives are just ho-hum.

From Neal Boortz’s website:

Sorry, I’m not in the mood for all of this Happy New Year nonsense. This is getting to be about as phony as the 4th of July. (Freedom … right. Like the people of this country are still in love with the idea of liberty.) This is 2008. This is an election year. We’re choosing a new House of Representatives, about one-third of the Senate and a president. This is not the type of New Year you launch with the traditional expressions of optimism. We’re in trouble. An election is coming in 11 months and millions of parasites, led by single females, are getting ready to accelerate the destruction of the concepts of individuality, private property rights, self-reliance, and this very country by putting a hideous, power-hungry, big-government socialist* into the White House.

I think I’ve made a bit of a mistake over the past few months. Trying to be a bit to nice to the people I think are destroying this country. I’ve been trying to cut them some slack .. be a little understanding. You know, the compassion thing. Well, something must have clicked during the last two weeks off. No more free passes. Identify the leeches. Call them out. They’re destroying the greatest system of governance this world has ever known, and they should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

If you squandered every opportunity for an education to end up an unemployable semi-literate loser, that’s your problem, not mine. If you’ve destroyed your health with cigarettes and fast food … then by what right do you demand that people who lived their lives more responsibly than you cover the cost of your medical care. You cry about your “right” to health care. You dare to claim a right to the services of another human being to correct problems you created for yourself? Further, if it is more important for you to spend your money on a cell phone, flat-screen televisions, the best new car, meals at expensive restaurants and fancy vacations than it is to spend your money on a health insurance policy .. then you should be on your own. Don’t beg the government to steal from someone else so that you don’t have to change your lifestyle.

And a word for you welfare brood mares out there. That’s right .. welfare brood mares .. it’s time for someone to call you out for what you are. Perhaps one of the greatest social wrongs a person can commit in this country is to have a child that you cannot afford to care for. Do you really think that it’s perfectly OK for you to get yourself knocked up, download your baby, and then tell the taxpayers “Hey, look what I did! Now you folks cough up the money I need to take care of this child.” Yeah .. that’s what America is all about .. and you’re going to be right there in November to vote for Hillary, aren’t you. In fact all of you are: the uneducated and unmotivated, the “I’m not responsible for my own health care” crowd, and the single moms. All of you want someone else to step in and take care of you after you’ve screwed up your own lives, and who better than Hillary, a woman more than ready to use the police power of government to reward you for your votes.

You do know, don’t you, that you have absolutely no constitutional right to cast a vote in this presidential election. No .. you probably don’t know that. That would mean you are educated, but you’re not. You were educated by the government … and the government sure isn’t going to disclose that inconvenient little fact to you. Somehow the media in this country has bought the politician’s about this “right to vote.” It’s not there. Doesn’t exist. And to save this country we need to figure out a way to get tens of millions the parasite class off the voter roles. Welfare? No vote. Illiterate? Stay home on election day. Begging for the government to be your lifetime nanny? Let the doers, the achievers cast the votes. Just stay away.

Historians have said that this country will start to slide when the people learn that they can vote largess for themselves out of the public treasury. Well, you’ve learned, and now you’re heading to the polls later this year to vote for government as an instrument of plunder .. plunder for you .. plunder to pay you for your votes. It’s all about you, your wants and needs. Look for the politician who promises to transfer the most wealth from the achievers to you … and that’s the politician who gets your vote. You don’t care even a little bit about the type of America you’ll leave generations to come … it’s all about you, right now, right here.

Don’t you have some soap operas you need to catch up to on election day?

* About that asterisk. Current language usage compels me to use the term “socialist” when describing Hillary Clinton. The actual word we need to use is “fascist.” The left, however, has managed to take the “fascist” word and turn it into an epithet against right-wingers. Nazis were fascists, right? Perhaps you might be one of the few to learn that “Nazi,” in German, is “Nationalsozialismus.” The true name of the Nazi Party in Germany was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.” German Nazis weren’t at all fond of capitalism .. and neither is Hillary Clinton. When it comes to the free market Hillary has quite a lot in common with these folks … not that you’ll ever read that in the mainstream media.


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    […] fetching jen wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptYeah .. that’s what America is all about .. and you’re going to be right there in November to vote for Hillary, aren’t you. In fact all of you are: the uneducated and unmotivated, the “I’m not responsible for my own health care” crowd, … Read the rest of this great post here Posted by […]

  2. Jeaninecd Says:

    nice work, man

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