Christmas Recap (so far)

Sorry that I haven’t posted lately. Laziness. Plain and simple. I been so lazy that my phone lost battery power twice and I didn’t care. Now that’s lazy! It also means — unfortunately — that I don’t have any pictures. I do have one of Spencer working at Taco Bueno, but that’s it.

  • Sunday night. Spencer was on the way to a friend’s house to see them before they departed to Florida for Christmas vacation. On the way the u-joint busted on this drive shaft. We had the truck towed to a mechanic shop in Columbia. Luckily they were open on Monday (Christmas Eve day).
  • Sunday. I took Spencer to work because his truck was broken. Since he worked on Christmas Eve, he got eight bonus hours for Christmas Day plus a $25 bonus (Wal-Mart gift card). Very cool. Dane came over early to spend the day with us (a little bit of a mix up). When the truck was ready, Dane, Bennett and I went to pick it up and deliver it to Taco Bueno so Spencer could drive home after work. I decided to treat Dane & Bennett to a Christmas Even lunch at Taco Bueno. Spencer was our order taker. Later that day we had our Christmas Chilighetti (spaghetti noodles topped with chili) and then we opened gifts. First it was the gifts that Dane gave us. I got a VERY NICE Elvis coffee table book with old programs, invitations etc… Kinda like a pop-up book for Elvis. Then we gave the boys a Wii with several games and accessories. It was WELL received. For the rest of the night we played tennis, baseball, bowling, party games and much more. The highlight of the night was watching Ann bowl.
  • Monday – Christmas Day. We got up early and went to Miko’s in Sedalia. Pattty & Todd were also there. The Wii was again the hit of the day. It’s fun because EVERYONE can play, even the old folks! Miko became quite a bowler. We exchanged gifts and had a great time. Be sure to ask me what Patty was laughing about the next time you see me.
  • Well, I’m getting tired of typing and I have a phone interview rapidly approaching.

    Here’s wishing that everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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