Carbon Credits

OK, this will be my last post on global warming for awhile, especially if you are kind enough to read my suggested articles below.

If you buy into this whole global-warming scam — excuse me, the climate-change scam — by letting your representatives institute carbon credits then your world may soon look like this:

  • a limit of 2,000 airline miles per year
  • only 6,000 road miles per household
  • limits on home deliveries by UPS
  • penalties for households living in homes larger than their “need”
  • taxes on babies
  • additional taxes on items that create carbon like meat production

    In short, if you allow it, the government will have free reign to tax and penalize you for a whole host of behaviors. Of course you could purchase credits to go beyond the limits, but think of the hassle not to mention the huge bureaucracy this will create to manage the system. All in the name of bogus science.

    I implore you to read these two articles:

  • a group of respected scientists say it is impossible to stop climate change as it is a natural event and well within expected parameters (click here)
  • a good article exposing the real goal of the global warming, excuse me, climate-change crowd — “world taxes”, “a redistribution of wealth and resources” and “Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life.” (click here)
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