Mr. Hypocrisy Revisited

OK, I know I said I wasn’t up for a post today, but here’s the second one. I just can’t let Mr. Alarmist Al Gore get away with his two-face comments AND for the media that doesn’t call him on the carpet for it.

Al stands in a foreign country and says that the U.S. is to blame for so-called global warming and we’re not doing a thing about it. Well Mr. Gore, did you forget your stance in 1997 when you held the second-highest office in the land? You came out against the Kyoto Accord because it was blatantly anti-American and did nothing to reign in the rest of the world.

So which was right? Were you right in 1997 when you would have been held accountable for your actions or now, when you are free to say the sky is falling without any repercussions? Either you lied in 1997 or were so short-sighted back then you couldn’t see that we would have to act without haste only ten years later. Pick your answer. Either way it means you’re not qualified to talk on this subject.

Don’t believe me — check out this link — watch the videos for his firsthand comments.

And where is the media in all of this? Why aren’t they pointing out his two-faced positions or his energy-consuming mansion or his private jet rides or the use of limos to transport his luggage…?

This all makes me SO mad. And to top it all off…it’s nothing but JUNK SCIENCE promoted by the anti-American UN.


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