Ice Storm Update

We ended Sunday with a LOT of freezing. The main roads and highways are in good shape, but most of the county roads froze solid before the road crews could remove the slush.

The Copper Kettle didn’t have power on Sunday morning, so Dane spent all day at home with us. He was going to go home after dinner, but we spent about two hours getting his car thawed out and unstuck (twice). Our driveway is a sheet of ice. While Dane was outside, limbs were dropping off our huge Cottonwood tree. (see picture below)

We finally decided it would be best if Dane spent the night with us. You have to go up/down a big hill to get to his apartment. He had a final at 8am this morning. We knew that once we got him down the driveway it was clear sailing on Highway 63 to campus. The plan worked. We tarped his van last night so we wouldn’t have to scrap it again (it was originally covered in an inch of ice) and got him pushed down the driveway and onto class.

I might not post tomorrow. We’re expecting another wave of rain this afternoon that will freeze AGAIN. I imagine I’ll be busy running emergency calls.

Oh…by the way…Spencer and Bennett are both out of school today.

Until then…


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