Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Report

Today is the first day of the Thanksgiving Holiday for the boys. Both of them are off school for the rest of the week.

Bennett went to Jonathan Wasselman’s house last night for a birthday party. Jonathan is one of the older Boy Scouts. He’s responsible for training the younger ones like Bennett. It will be a typical boy party — pizza and video games. I have to pick him up at 11am and then he’s coming home to clean. He normally cleans my office, the mudroom and dusts the library & TV area every two weeks. We’re stepping it up a little early this week due to Thanksgiving visitors. He’s also going to clean his room — that will be the main area for the kids on Thanksgiving Day, plus Mom & Dad will be spending the night there.

Spencer is doing laundry and cleaning. He’s helping out Ann in a variety of ways. I know he doesn’t like it, but he realizes that everyone is pitching in this year as we’re going to have a house full of guests.

That’s it for now. I have regular work plus extra cleaning (I get to clean the bathrooms among other things!).

Take care. I probably won’t post again until Friday morning.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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