Piano Recital

Bennett played With a Wink and a Smile from the movie Sleepless in Seattle at his piano recital on Sunday. I thought he played it flawlessly, but he said he missed one note.

I liked the message that was on the program:

The confidence, poise and self-discipline your student can learn through piano performance and solo singing in Recital is most valuable. Planning the presentation, polishing for excellence through week-to-week practice, and seeing it through to its completion teaches a child both commitment and individual responsibility…important things to learn for a lifetime! Life isn’t always about just showing up and participating…it is the individual contribution towards excellence that is really important. It is about stepping out from the rest and daring to lead; it is about being the first to try; it is about being courageous enough to risk failure, and sometimes succeed!!! This is often best done in an individual setting where each child is held responsible for his own unique artistic efforts. This is why ware here today…to celebrated individual initiative…TO APPLAUD ENTHUSIASTICALLY our young people’s efforts, when we see a student who has the emotional strength to try!!! The objectives of confidence, self-discipline, and individual character development make today well worth our time!

Bennett and his piano teacher, Pollyann Jacobs


One Response to “Piano Recital”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Is this Polly Ann Jacobs who used to teach at Grain Valley High School in the 1990’s? I was in her choirs and show choirs. My name is Cristina a.k.a the soloist who went to State 4 times. If anyone knows her, or, if the lady in the red dress above views this and is indeed “Mrs. J” email me! I’d love to hear from you.



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