Quote of the Day

From Walter Williams — a brilliant economist from George Mason University, author and occasional radio sub for Rush Limbaugh:

The bottom line is, the richer are getting richer and the poor are getting richer. Poverty in the United States, in an absolute sense, has virtually disappeared. Today, there’s nothing remotely resembling poverty of yesteryear. However, if poverty is defined in the relative sense, the lowest fifth of income-earners, “poverty” will always be with us. No matter how poverty is defined, if I were an unborn spirit, condemned to a life of poverty, but God allowed me to choose which nation I wanted to be poor in, I’d choose the United States. Our poor must be the envy of the world’s poor.

Addendum: I’ve heard Dr. Williams say many times that the road out of poverty is simple. Just follow these rules in order:

1. get a job and keep it until you get something better

2. get married and stay married

3. have all children within wedlock

Do those three things and statistically you will live a comfortable life.


2 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Dane Says:

    I thought graduating high school was on that list to?

  2. thenatureboy Says:

    You are correct my scholarly offspring! Graduate high school is the first step.

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