Weekend Backpacking

Bennett and I spent Friday and Saturday with Steve, Vince and Mike (a friend of Vince’s) backpacking in Hawn State Park near Ste Genevieve MO. We had a great time, but unfortunately, didn’t take any pictures.

We arrived on Friday around 2pm. We hiked until about 5:30pm and then we setup camp. We slept out in a spot near the backpacking campgrounds because it was full with a Boy Scout troop. The funny thing was that we walked so far past the backpacking camp that we ended up only about 200 yards from our starting point.

Given that we were so near the truck, we decided to drop the big packs on Saturday morning and just go light. We also decided to search for some geocaches. We found both of the ones we were searching for, but it took a little while to learn the ropes. The first one took us about 1.5 hours to find once we got to the general area. On the way to find the second, I discovered several navigational properties of my GPS that made things MUCH easier. Once we got the second one we were able to locate it quickly. And it had a FANTASTIC view of the valley below. The geocache was located at the highest point in Hawn State Park.

After we got back to Steve’s we decided to look for another geocache in McNair Park. We found the location, but not the cache. Steve said he’s going to go back and check later to see if he can find it.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about staying at Dad’s on Saturday night and the St. Joseph Fall Festival on Sunday.


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