Campus Free Speech?

And I thought a college campus was THE place to express ideas. Apparently not…
Here’s the beginning of an article from

A Christian church-affiliated university in St. Paul, Minn., has suspended a student after he raised questions about the campus ban on concealed weapons, and is ordering him to have a mental health evaluation before he can resume his education.

The Hamline University case involves student Troy Scheffler, who, after the Virginia Tech massacre where a student shot and killed nearly three dozen others, suggested the killing spree might have been stopped if students had been allowed to carry concealed weapons.
And a follow-up note from Neal Boortz:

Now we have a group of students who have come up with an idea that is sure to get some thongs in a wad. Here comes The National Collegiate Empty Holster Protest. Next week students at colleges and universities who want to carry concealed weapons on campus will be walking around with empty holsters. These students rightly note that most of the mass shootings in America happen in what we laughingly refer to as “gun free zones.”

My guess? Some college somewhere is going to expel or suspend a student for wearing an empty holster.


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