Sunday Stuff

  • Bennett and I spent most of the daylight hours at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. We started out at 7:30am with breakfast at Dotty’s Cafe. I then worked for the fire department and Bennett helped with the Hay Maze that the Boy Scouts put together. He worked the cash register and gave about 50 tours through the maze with little kids who didn’t want to go by themselves. He worked REALLY hard.
  • After the festival, Bennett and I met Ann, Dane & Spencer at Dane’s new apartment. It was our first chance to see his new place. He has a nice setup and good roommates.
  • After visiting with Dane, we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Ann’s birthday (it was last Monday if you recall). A good time was had by all. Note the rare photo of Dane. He’s wearing his Matt Leinart shirt of the Arizona Cardinals. He actually thinks the Cardinals are an up and coming team. Poor delusional Dane!
  • The Chiefs won on Sunday against the Bengals. And I did fly my flag! Coincidence…I think not!!!! FYI — Tony Gonzales caught two touchdown passes to set an NFL record for career touchdown receptions by a tight end. I guess this helps cement his legacy as the greatest tight end to ever play the game! Notice in the picture below that even the referee is happy for him.
  • tonyg


    One Response to “Sunday Stuff”

    1. Tommy Says:

      Dane is on to something. Those Arizona receivers are nasty.

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