Friday Happenings

Friday was a busy day for the Rennier family:

  • I started the day early with a visit to the local primary and elementary schools as part of Fire Safety Week. I visited about eight classrooms and gave a short talk on fire safety and then demonstrated our breathing equipment. The kids get a real kick out of seeing you in full gear with mask. The theme this year was early detection with smoke alarms, having and practicing an escape route and then having a meeting place outside the house. After my demonstration I would then escort the kids outside where someone else gave them a tour of several fire trucks and an ambulance. It was quite tiring as I was in full gear for about four hours. I wanted to take a picture of me with a class, but we were too busy.
  • Bennett and I went to Hartsburg MO to help the Boy Scouts setup their hay maze. The world famous Pumpkin Fest takes place in Hartsburg this weekend. About 30,000 people will descend on a town of 500. It’s one of the best festivals in the area. Ann and Bennett are working at the hay maze on Sunday while I am volunteering for the fire department as both a firefighter and an EMT. We need to have personnel and equipment in town just in case something happens, otherwise we would never be able to respond in time. The line into town is usually about an hour in length. Pictures of the hay maze are at the end of this posting.
  • Spencer made his long-awaited return to the football field. He played a GREAT game. They double and even triple teamed him at time and he was still able to make several tackles and almost had a bull-rush sack. Unfortunately, they lost the game by one point — they tried a two-point conversion at the end for the win, but fell just short of the goal line. Not bad considering the team they were playing is always in the state playoffs. FYI — Ann was supposed to take some pictures but forgot.
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