Hospital Rennier


I thought I was done with these medical reports, but not yet.

In my last post, I spoke mainly on how Bennett and I were feeling, but failed to mention that Ann had not quite pulled out of the woods yet. Well, early this morning she had a bad relapse.

I woke about 4am to her coughing and vomiting into a trash can next to the bed. We got her back in bed and calmed down, but she’s was still pretty shaky. Poor thing — it’s been nearly two weeks and she still can’t shake the coughing, fever, vomiting and whatever. Seems whatever one of us gets, she gets too. I don’t know if she’s overly empathetic, has a weak immune system or just terribly unlucky.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I have to go as I have double duty to perform today.

P.S. We did have time to watch a good movie last night — The Astronaut Farmer. It’s kinda corny, but a good family movie.


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