Roots n Blues n BBQ


The weekend for me will be filled with Roots n Blues n BBQ, a local event in Columbia that is expected to bring 40,000 people to the downtown area. Mark, Scott and I were going to the blues festival in Springfield MO this weekend, but we opted to stay a little closer to home. The headliners are better in Springfield, but we thought we’d save a few dollars by staying and eating at my house. That way we can better afford our big Helena AR trip in early October (a MAJOR blues festival).

You can check out the performers and everything else by clicking here.

What else is going on this weekend you ask? Bennett is helping his new Boy Scout troop on Friday evening. They are setting up a hay maze for the Ashland Fall Festival. It’s a big fundraiser for them. Bennett is spending Saturday with a good friend and his family at Six Flags — that’s twice in one year for Bennett.

Dane is working this weekend and will have added pressure from the Fall Festival (because he works at a local restaurant — The Copper Kettle). Last year he won (or came in 2nd, I can’t remember) a pie contest. I don’t know if he’s entering again this year or not.

Spencer has a football game tonight against Fayette. Ann is going to be doing a lot of running and may come down to the blues festival with some girlfriends.

All in all, it will be quite a busy weekend. Next update on Sunday!


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