Truck Thursday


Today is consumed by trucks. Both Spencer’s truck and Dane’s van (the van is technically a truck since it’s built on a Ford Ranger body frame) had to go in for inspection. Spencer took his truck to a garage in Ashland near his school, while Dane took his to a place in Columbia called Custom Muffler. Custom Muffler is a great place — fast, efficient and honest.

I also took my truck to Custom Muffler today for a slow radiator leak. Thus, while we normally have five vehicles, we’re down to two at the present moment — Ann’s Element and Big Red. You can guess which one I’m driving! 🙂

Also, on a side note — we thought Bennett might have had strep, but the test came back negative. Both he and I are feeling a little puny. It was probably due to the cooler weather and our exposure to the elements last weekend. Good news — I don’t think it will be anything big.

Take care!


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