Labor Day wrapup


We had a GREAT Labor Day weekend. Very relaxing and full of friendship.

Bennett and I kicked off the weekend on Friday evening by going to the Mark Twain Lake. We ate dinner with the Vigils at their RV and sat around the fire talking well into the morning hours. Ann stayed back for Spencer’s football game, which they won by a large margin.

Ann & Spencer came up to the lake Saturday morning, as did Steve & Kim (see picture below from Kim). We had a good time on the beach and later pulling the kids on the tube behind the pontoon. Right after Steve & Kim left (around 5pm), the McKenna’s showed up. They are friends from Ashland that have twin boys who are Spencer’s age. They spent the rest of the weekend with us in our rented condo.

Saturday evening was a fiasco!!! It took us over 2.5 hours to get everything out of the water and back to base camp. They line was LONG. Steve & Kim pulled out at the right time because they didn’t get to experience any of it. The line was so long that tempers started to flair. We witness the beginning of two sizable arguments.

Sunday was more of the same — on the beach with a bbq afterwards. All in all, it was a fun-filled and relaxing time. We also got to see Mark, Sharon & Maddy Biermann and Chris, Mary & Taylor Brandlen and Brian & Alana Vigil along with the rest of the Vigil gang.

I guess it’s time to put away the jet skis, but I hope we have a few more good adventures like this before the year is over.



One Response to “Labor Day wrapup”

  1. Alana Vigil Says:

    Hey Moose! I was googling my name and came across this! How crazy is that! We did have such great times that weekend. It was one to remember. I can’t wait for the fun times to come in the next few months….theres two rv s now!

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