Double Duty

This blog has two purposes:

  • Welcome Back Bennett. Bennett has returned from his vacation with the Kruse’s. They stayed at a resort in Branson. Unfortunately, given the 100+ degree heat, about the only thing they did was go swimming. But the joint had four swimming pools, each with a different theme, so you can’t feel too sorry for him. If you want to see pictures of Bennett’s trip, then click here. Warning: some of them are highly repetitive — like many pictures of the cave they visited.
  • Bennett has named the new cats. With Bennett’s return, we have now named our two new cats. The black/white cat is Snickerdoodles and the all black cat is Shade. I wanted Salem for the black cat, but lost out. Apparently I have zero influence around here. FYI — Salem is the name of the cat on the TV show “Sabrina: The Teenage Witch”. I thought since we had a dog named Sabrina that it would tie in nicely.
  • cats

    I’ll be gone goofing off for a few days (AGAIN!!!). Probably no posts until Monday. Have a great weekend.


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