Water vs. Gas – Which is cheaper?


Gas is currently $2.58 per gallon in Ashland. Aquafina is $1.19 for a 20oz bottle or $7.14 per gallon PLUS tax (or about $7.64 per gallon).

Why does no one complain about the price of bottled water? Why aren’t hordes of consumers calling for government regulation of bottled water?

For water they turn on a spigot, fill the bottle and distribute the product. (Did you read the news? Many of the major bottled-water vendors just get their water from the local tap.) And what do they have to do to bring you gas? (no laughing please) They have to hire geologists, travel to far off places, test sites, setup equipment, setup large scale extraction sites, transport the oil on ships, move it in pipelines, refine it, adhere to a mountain of regulations, ship it to gas stations and much more.

Which sounds like it should cost more? Which provides you with more value? Gas — for which there are really no substitutes — or water which you could just as easily replace at your faucet? And on top of that, have you ever thought about how much trash is being generated by the use of bottled water?



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