Busy as a Bee


Things have been VERY busy here since I got back from our two-day vacation of Six Flags and Harry Potter:

  • installed a new clearance light on the jet ski trailer (the other one broke)
  • helped with small engine oil changes at the fire station
  • checked on the status of my mower (I’m having a few repairs done)
  • fixed the A/C in my truck
  • greased the front-end in my truck
  • did my laundry
  • cleaned my Tilley hat
  • fixed a database for a friend
  • setup a database so Dane could do data entry on a project for me — also trained him how to use it
  • got some bins from the barn so Dane can move on Wednesday to a new apartment
  • worked on Dane’s van (ended up being a blown fuse, just like my truck)
  • got haircuts for Bennett and me
  • bought a new shirt for Tommy & Jena’s wedding
  • took Bennett to Fazoli’s for dinner (see picture below)
  • performed maintainence on the air conditioning unit in the attic (the drain pan requires periodic cleaning)
  • …and a whole bunch of little things and some bigger things at work — since we took a two-day vacation during the week, I have to make that up on the weekend — my boss sucks!
  • benfazoli


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