Thomas Hill Saturday


Since Spencer is starting to work most Saturdays, we’ve been opting for Thomas Hill Lake over Mark Twain Lake for our weekly jet ski trip. Without Spencer, it’s much harder to load two jet skis, but at Thomas Hill, the ramp is never busy so you can take your time. At Mark Twain, you have to be very efficient to keep the queue moving.

Good thing too, because we had some electrical troubles. The battery was dead on one of the jet skis. We got it jumped and ran it for a little bit, but it wouldn’t restart without a jump. So we took it a little easier. Ann rode for awhile while I initial messed around with the second jet ski, and then she sat by the water and worked on her quilting while Bennett and I rode. Quite frankly, so may have enjoyed that as much. That and the fine lunch that I packed (see photo).

We got a new battery on the way home, so this shouldn’t be a problem next week. After we got home, I put stuff away and headed to Mark Twain Lake for a day of white bass fishing on Sunday. More about that tomorrow right here on Your Daily Dose of Vitamin Moose.


2 Responses to “Thomas Hill Saturday”

  1. Kim Says:

    What food? They look hungry to me!

  2. thenatureboy Says:

    You’re right. They were hungry right then as we had just started to get the food out.

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