Bennett Returns!


It seems like he’s been gone forever. First it was a week at Grandma & Grandpa Rennier’s. He was home for a day or two, and then it was off to church camp for an entire week.

But Bennett has now returned! He got back from camp this afternoon (Friday). Both Ann and I went to pick him up. What can I say, I missed him so it was worth taking time off from work.

The big news was that he came in third in the bible verse contest. The winners were two sisters who had practiced all year (apparently they have used the same verses for a couple of years). All the adult chaperones were quite impressed with Bennett’s memory. And the other campers must have been impressed too because several of the kids told us how good he did.

We asked Bennett why he did better this year than last. He said last year they were only offering a $5 gift certificate to McDonald’s for the top-two spots, and they gave away iPod Nano’s to this year’s top-two finishers. Apparently, he’s motivated by big prizes. FYI — he said he would have sold the Nano to make money. He already has a MP3 player built into his PSP. That boy is quite the entrepreneur.

Since Bennett was thirsty, and Ann & I had skipped lunch, we went to Taco Bueno for some grub.

Welcome home Bennett!

Below are four pictures. One of Bennett when we picked him up, one of Bennett at Taco Bueno, and two of Spencer working at Taco Bueno (note Ann in the lower left corner of the last picture).






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