Morning Time with Spencer


This morning was devoted to Spencer. All this week he has football camp in the morning, but we had two doctor appointments today, so he skipped camp. Probably was a good thing as he is sore and can barely work anyway. He needed the break.

We left around 7:30am. Spencer drove to Taco Bueno since he had to work at 11am and I met him there. After the first appointment, we went to the World Famous Broadway Diner for breakfast. We ran into Mr. Petralia — Dane & Spencer’s 5th grade teacher — as we were entering the Diner, so we invited him to sit with us. We had a great visit. In fact, it went so well that we had to leave quickly to make the next appointment. I wanted to take Spencer’s picture at the Diner, but we were rushed for time.

We went to Wal-Mart following the second appointment as we had about 30 minutes to kill. I ended up buying a couple of small things (e.g., wiper blades) for Spencer’s truck.

Now it’s back to work for all of us.

P.S. Here’s a picture of the Diner that I found on the internet:

broadway diner


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