Bennett – 4th & Final Day


The final summary of Bennett’s visit. By Mom.
Wow – this was a long day for us. Todd picked us up a little before 8 this morning and we were at the St. Louis Zoo by 8:30. We found out that it actually opens at 8 a.m. during the summer. The weather was perfect. Bennett was enthralled with the whole thing. He was just smiling the whole time. We saw just about every animal you can imagine and some I didn’t even know existed. We rode the train, saw the sea lion show, went to the 3-D Dinosaur show, and ate lunch at the zoo. (Bennett declared the pizza the best he had ever eaten. Then I gave him most of my french fries and he ate those.) Bennett was really interested in the snake house – also in the penquins. We got to go in the penquin house – it was really cold in there. The sea lion show was very enjoyable, one of the girl sea lions was named Elaine and one of the boy sea lions was named Benny (unless the girl was saying Vinnie). They could really do some amazing tricks. Then after that we went over to the Science Center where Bennett could do a bunch of stuff hands on.

We got back to our house around 6. I fixed Bagel Bites, also salad for Todd and I. Then PaPa, Todd, and Bennett had ice cream. After that we played 2 games of Blokus. By then it was after 8 p.m. and Todd had to go home.

During all this after we got home it was quite hectic. I had about 4 phone calls, some of which involved needing to call other people. Now I am just finishing up Bennett’s laundry. He has gone to bed and I am going to do the same before too much longer.
And finally – a picture!!! I took this one at McDonald’s where I met Mom for the official exchange of Bennett, who is now back home (for a few days, then it’s off to camp).



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