Bennett – Day 3


From Mom:
As previously reported Day 3 would be fairly calm because I was working from 8:30 until around 2 – but we did manage to do a few things. PaPa said that Bennett slept until after 10 but Bennett said that he actually woke up around 8:30 and watched a movie on his PSP in his room until after 10. Then he got up and had cereal for breakfast. I had made a list of things for him to get done – so he took a shower, washed his hair, brushed his teeth, and practiced the piano. At lunch, PaPa cooked bacon for them, then they finished the lemon cake with strawberries and ice cream. Bennett reported that it was good. I got home around 2 and found them watching the Nick TV station. I really think that the two of them just chilled out all day – so I got them to moving. Bennett and I went out and I walked while Bennett rode his scooter. We did watch a little more TV, but this time Bennett and I watched Jeopardy! It is amazing how much Bennett actually knows about some of that stuff. Then Bennett played the piano again without me even asking him to do it. It sounded really good. Then we fixed popcorn chicken for dinner at Bennett’s request. I also made a very good salad and some vegetables which Bennett mostly ignored. For dessert he had a big bowl of fresh strawberries and a Nutty Buddy (I think the actual name of it is a Peanut Butter wafer). After that, we went to the Rec Plex where Bennett went swimming. He went down the big slide several times, swimmed in the pool a little, and then went around and around in the whirlpool part of the pool We came home and Bennett made himself some hot chocolate with marshmallows. He seems to really enjoy that. Now he has gone to bed. He was perfectly willing to go to bed a little earlier tonight because he knows that cousin Todd will be here at 8 in the morning – so that means Bennett will have to get up earlier than he has been. I see lightning in the distance out there – so hopefully whatever is going to happen will be over in time for our day tomorrow. We will just adjust to whatever happens.

Bennett told me tonight that the dinner was excellent. It certainly doesn’t take any gourmet cooking to please him. Although, he did seem to be good at reviewing the food at Pei Wei which is excellent. He also tried to teach me to eat with chopsticks.

Bennett does seems to be an expert at critiquing the other drivers on the road. He keeps saying things like “Buddy, you need to slow it down.” He got particularly upset when he saw a guy change lanes with no turn signals. He said “Well, when I can drive I will AT LEAST use my turn signals.”


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