Day 2 for Bennett


Mom is making it real easy for me to make my posts this week.
The day started off with Bennett sleeping in. He didn’t get up until 10:40. He had already chosen what he wanted to do last night. I gave him several choices and he made a suggestion that he would really like to go to Pei Wei Restaurant. So that is the Option that he chose. He didn’t even eat breakfast because by the time he got up and got dressed it was time to go. He said that Pei Wei was AWESOME. He said that it would always be at the TOP of his list of favorite places. Then we went to Costco and got some shrimp, some blueberries and strawberries. While we were there, Bennett had a Very Berry Sundae. He said it was Berry good. While we were there we got him a pair of swim trunks. He already has swim trunks with him, but he liked these and he is going to camp next week. Then we came home and rested a little. Bennett also practiced the piano for a while. Then I got ready to go to work and also fixed the shrimp for PaPa and Bennett. They were eating lemon cake and ice cream when I left. I am not sure what they did while I was gone but when I got back Bennett made some hot cocoa and marshmallows. It seems like today was all about food. We watched a cartoon. Right now, Bennett is in bed but he is playing with the PSP.

I also talked with Todd who verified that he will be here on Wednesday morning to pick us up. Tomorrow will probably be a fairly quiet day because I will be working in the morning. Then Wednesday we plan on doing a lot of things.


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