Vacation Tales


Well, we got back yesterday from three days at Mark Twain Lake. We stayed at a nice condo.

Here are some pictures (sorry, no teasers).

First, let me just say that this was the least-celebrated holiday — at least at Mark Twain Lake — that I’ve ever seen. There were no crowds…the beaches were clear…the water was smooth. Can’t say that I didn’t like it, but it was kinda weird.

Now, a cold and chronological review of our activities:

  • Day One – Jet skiing on the beach. Sorry, no pictures from this day. We don’t like to bring the camera down to the beach. Sand and Sony don’t mix. It was a GREAT day. The water was cool and the waves were flat. We spent a lot of time playing in the water and taking long rides on the jet skis.
  • Day Two – Pontooning (sp?) with the Gravietts. We borrowed a friend’s pontoon and met the Gravietts for a day on the water. We went out early and came back in around 1:30pm when the lightning started. We got an early start because the Gravietts had to leave at 2pm anyway. Then it was off to Hannibal. We visited the quilt shop, an American Indian store, Bennett rode the Octopus at the little downtown carnival, we ate dinner at an awful Ponderosa (who would have thunk it??!?) and saw Transformers (a great movie).
  • Day Three – Water Park with Dot & Taylor. We meet Dot & Taylor Vigil (owners of the pontoon we borrowed) for a day at the water park. Dot & Ann spent the day talking while I entertained Bennett & Taylor. That meant going down a few slides. Spencer played the moody teenager.
  • Bennett said it was a “Great Vacation!!!”


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