I passed!!!


I passed my EMT practicals which I took Saturday morning. After sweating it out all weekend, wondering about what I did right & wrong, I got the call this morning — you passed!!!

What a relief!

For my practical test — which you must score 100% — I had to assess a 17-year-old non-responsive female who fell down a ravine off her skateboard. She had a contusion to the head, sluggish eyes, bleeding to her arm from a penetrating stick and the early stages of shock. So I had to open her airway, apply a bag-value mask to control her breathing, administer oxygen, bandage the bleeding wound, treat the shock (blanket & elevate the feet), stabilize her neck & spine and get her transported in 10 minutes. It was a live person (not a dummy) with make-up.

For my skills, I had to apply several different types of oxygen therapy and splint a leg fracture.

I still have about 20 hours of ambulance ride time left, and after that, I will take my written test (need 80% or better) and then I’ll be a fully-licensed EMT.


2 Responses to “I passed!!!”

  1. Dane Says:

    Congragulations. Glad to hear that you didn’t sweat it all for nothing. Good job nearly official EMT.

  2. Elaine Rennier Says:

    Ditto to Dane.

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