Saturday Morning Duties

Well, I got up at 5:30am to work out in the yard — trimmed all the trees and buildings (which is a big task around here) and trimmed the pond (includes scraping out the grass). I also burned a pile of boxes (I love living in the country where you can burn your trash) and cleaned up the clutter in the garage.

When I was done about 9:30am, I discovered that we didn’t have any eggs, and you can’t have a real-man’s breakfast without eggs. So I loaded up Spencer and Bennett (Ann was at a friend’s house meeting her family) and we went to the Copper Kettle for breakfast. Of course Dane was working, so that was an added bonus.

I had the Alex special — a 4-egg omelet with an enormous amount of meat (bacon, sausage & ham) and cheese. Yum yum. Now that’s a breakfast for a working man!

Here’s a picture of my trimmed pond (full of bass, catfish and bluegill — the trifecta of Missouri ponds) and the boys.






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