Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with friends in the Mark Twain Lake region.

We arrived on Saturday and spent a few hours on the beach before a storm approached. We quickly got off the water because we didn’t want to get caught on the water with the jet skis. That’s ok, though, as it gave us a chance for an extended bbq and visit at the Vigil’s trailer. They have a year-round place at Mark Twain Landing, a popular campground.

On Sunday, we went to Hannibal to meet some friends. We started out with a tour of Mark Twain Cave, then we had lunch and did some fun things at Sawyer’s Creek. We finished the day with a visit to the Hannibal Art Festival in the downtown area. It was fun — lots of crafts & booths.

On Monday, we just took it easy. We decided it was too much work to put the jet skis in the water, and we were all kinda tired anyway. So we had a big breakfast cookoff at the Vigil’s trailer and they hung around there for a few hours.

I posted a few pictures from the weekend below, but you can see them all by clicking here. You’ll see pictures of the kids, our friends that we met at the cave, Madilyn (Mark’s daughter) and some of Scott, Dot & Taylor Vigil and Anna (Taylor’s friend).

Here’s Morgan, Bennett and Luke. Luke is Bennett’s best friend and Morgan is his sister. This was taken inside Mark Twain Cave.

Bennett enjoys bumper boats at Sawyer’s Creek in Hannibal.

Spencer and Taylor as they take off in the golf cart to go get some supplies from the camp stove. That’s Anna (Taylor’s friend) and Bennett in the back.


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