Tiger RIP


We talked it over with Dane and have decided to declare Tiger dead. Here’s his story.

Tiger was the king of the Rennier pet household. He was around for several dogs and other cats, but there was never any question who ruled. He was one tough cat…and considering he didn’t have any front paws, that was quite an accomplishment.

We got Tiger around 1995 when we lived in Olathe KS. Ann and Dane got him at a garage sale, much to my objection. They didn’t care…they liked Tiger and brought him home. In Olathe, he was an inside/outside cat. He was the only cat that I ever allowed in the house. He was extremely adept at capturing the birds that would dive to pester him. He was very patient and always got his bird.

When we moved to Columbia a few years later, we decided that Tiger was going to be outside permanently. He adapted well to the outside environment. He regularly captured mice, birds and small rabbits. You could leave for a week and he would drink out of the pond and capture his own food. He was extremely self reliant, a quality that I admired greatly.

A few months ago, we had an extreme cold spell…near zero for a week or more. We didn’t see Tiger at all during that cold spell and for about a month after. We thought he had finally perished, given he was nearly 14 years old. Then to our surprise, he showed up for a few days, but alas, he has not been seen since.

We figure he just stopped by before heading out to the woods to die a cat-warrior death.

He was truly the King of the house. We’ll miss him greatly, but are glad that he was able to live his last years roaming the woods.

To quote Sinatra, “He did it his way.”



2 Responses to “Tiger RIP”

  1. Dane Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful and deserving speech on Tiger’s behalf. I’m sure he had heard them and knew what they meant he would have been proud to hear them.

    It makes it easier thinking he died a cat-warrior death. Its the only way deserving of him to go.

  2. Ann Says:

    Thanks for thinking of Tiger! He was a wonderful addition to the family for all those years. He loved it when I picked him up and stroked him. He had a beautiful coat and was so proud.

    I do believe that he came by to say goodbye and to take one last look at his family. He loved living on his own catching the field mice and strutting around the property. It was truly his domain!

    We won’t forget you Tiger!

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