Historic Day


Yesterday was an historic day for gun rights in Missouri.

The Castle Doctrine law passed the Missouri Senate. In both the battle for concealed carry, and this new Castle Doctrine Law, the Senate is always the highest hurdle to overcome in making changes to the law.

When Castle Doctrine was in the House a week ago it passed by a 156-4 margin. While the Castle Doctrine Law does have to go for one final vote in the House, it will easily pass there (FYI – the House has already passed it by the time of this posting). The Governor will then sign the bill into law and it will become effective on Aug 28, 2007.

With passage of the Castle Doctrine, the Rules of Engagement for self defense have changed.

If, you act (use self defense) within the law (RSMo 563, Justifications of Defense), you will have an Absolute Defense from criminal charges *and* being sued civilly by your attacker or their family anywhere you are forced to use self defense!

Those same statutes will clearly state, that you have *no duty to retreat* in you home or car.

You will *never* have to go to your sheriff again for a permission slip, (Permit to Acquire) a handgun.

There are a number of other worthwhile changes to the weapons laws in the Castle Doctrine Law also. To see the full bill text use this link and choose the “Perfected” version to see what passed the Senate and will become law.


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