Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially to my mom and Ann. You two are the best!

We spent Mother’s Day with a whirlwind of activity. We started off with some breakfast for Ann as we all got ready for church. Dane & Spencer didn’t go with us as they both had to work at the Copper Kettle.

At church, the first present of the day — chocolate-covered strawberries — were purchased for Ann and delivered directly to her waiting palette. (I guess I should say that she also got some lilies from me and some daisies from Bennett prior to Mother’s Day.)

After church it was off to the Copper Kettle for Mother’s Day buffet. Ann liked it as they had crab legs. It also gave us another chance to see Dane & Spencer. Dane normally works Sunday morning, but this was a one-time deal for Spencer as he also helped last Mother’s Day. He was in charge of cutting the meat (ham & roast beef) as well as busing tables and other general help. By everyone’s indication he did a good job.

After the Kettle, we came home and Ann watched a movie on TV while Bennett and I cleared out a couple of our garden boxes. This was a surprise Mother’s Day present!

When we finished in the garden, Dane & Spencer came home from work. We then presented Ann with several more presents, including a gift certificate to a quilt show, candles, a homemade flower and a dragonfly lapel pin. She LOVED them all.

After gifting, we watched some TV (Monk) and then Ann chose to watch Serenity (movie). By then it was 10:30pm and way past the bedtime of some.

Here’s a teaser picture, but you can click here to see several more photos (be sure to click on a photo to the left, otherwise it will appear as if the page did not load). If you see anything you like, you can print it out at Wal-Mart.



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