There wasn’t a lot of reviews available today that evaluated the Chiefs draft. However, I did find this brief review (which probably makes you happy) from CBS Sportsline:
Kansas City Chiefs

Best pick: Second-round pick Turk McBride will be a surprise player on the next level, maybe even a Pro Bowl player.

Questionable move: They didn’t get a corner. Ty Law and Patrick Surtain are getting up in the years.

Second-day gem: Running back Kolby Smith, a fifth-round pick, should be able to make the team as a backup and special-teams player.

Overall grade: B-. I like Dwayne Bowe in the first round, and getting McBride will pay off, but not taking a corner hurts.
Well, a B- isn’t bad. One good thing to track is how the other divisional teams did. Well, they received similiar grades so it doesn’t look like anyone got the advantage. However, it will take 2-3 years to properly evaluate this weekend’s activities. Last year the so-called experts were giving the Chiefs a C or lower grade, and it turned out to be their best draft in quite a long time. I’m hoping Herm’s influence will work again this year.

The big story is that Trent Green is still a Chief. This poses quite a dilemma as Herm has already said the time to get younger is NOW. That doesn’t leave much room for Trent. I doubt they’ll take a huge cap hit just for his leadership skills (which are considerable). My guess is that the Chiefs will release Green, something they don’t want to do. Quite frankly, the Chiefs executives LOVE Trent Green and they’d hate to part company that way, but I don’t see any other solution at this point.


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