Sunday is the Best!

Sunday turned out to be a great day!!! The weather was a nice 85 degrees and both the boys seem to have recovered. Spencer even felt good enough to mow and clean my office (he gets paid for the latter). I tried to get of picture of him mowing, but he kept riding away. He’s shy that way.

I even started working out again! With my back problems, I laid off the heavy lifting — or any lifting for that matter — for 3-4 months. I would work on cardio, but that’s not the way to retain my Atlas-like physique. Well, my back has been doing much better lately, so I got out the training ball and Bosu ball along with some lifting on the Bowflex. From here on, it’s lighter weights, more reps and core training. It’s all about balance and power now.

Bennett and I took a walk down to the roadside back (about 2 miles round trip). As usual, we took the girls and snacks. We met a couple from Mountain Home AR that were making their way to Pella IA (with a stopoff this evening at a lake near Kirksville). I can’t wait to be retired and traveling in my Winnebago!!!

Below is a picture of Bennett and some video we shot at the roadside park.


Tomorrow will be dedicated to a analysis of this weekend’s draft by the KC Chiefs. There’s always hope at this time of year!!!


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