Bennett’s saga

Well, I thought Bennett would be going to school today. We even loaded him into the car, but alas, his cough persists.

We woke up with the intention of taking him to school, but his cough was much worse than yesterday. He had already dressed and eaten breakfast when we decided to give him more cough medicine and head towards school, thinking that the medicine might kick in before we arrived. Well, the cough continued and we brought him back home.

Since he made it to school, however, we were able to get his homework. He has a big stack!!! He came home and got started, but I found him about an hour and a half ago asleep on the couch, rolled up in a quilt. He’s even running a little bit of a fever again.

So, I guess we’ll try to return to school tomorrow, but with the slight fever I’m doubtful. Plus, he’s already missed four days this week, missing Friday isn’t going to do much more harm.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



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