Virginia Tech – some thoughts


As I have pondered the recent massacre at Virginia Tech over the last couple of days, three themes keep running through my mind:

  • our society has a perverse need to ‘blame’ someone
  • we have a culture of passivity
  • an armed society is the only way to stop massacres of this type
  • Have you noticed that whenever anything negative happens, the media rushes to find someone to blame. Someone must be humiliated and fired. Why is that? What is the reason? Do we need to feel that it can’t happen to us because it was specifically caused by an individual?

    That’s not very realistic. To put it bluntly, sometimes ‘crap happens’. There is no way to predict or anticipate certain events. That’s why they’re called accidents. And in this case, when someone wants to produce this type of carnage, there’s no way to stop that.

    Who do we blame? How about the nut that shot the students. That would be a good start. Blaming someone else only gives us a false sense of control.

    Now, for my other two points, I’m going to let some pundits articulate my position (well, actually our shared position):

  • Culture of Passivity – by Neal Boortz

    1. Mark Steyn has it right. We have produced a culture of passivity. Some listeners brought up a very good point yesterday in that self defense is absolutely not allowed in today’s government schools. Almost all of those Virginia Tech students went through a government school system where a person who uses physical force in self defense on school grounds is punished at the same level as the aggressor. In this we teach our children that there is something wrong with acting to defend yourself. This lesson can be carried into adulthood.
  • An armed society is the only way to stop this type of massacre – by Ann Coulter

    1. …since Adam ate the apple and let evil into the world, deranged individuals have existed.

      Mass murder is often the first serious crime unbalanced individuals are caught committing — as appears to be in the case of the Virginia Tech shooter.

      The best we can do is enact policies that will reduce the death toll when these acts of carnage occur, as they will in a free and open society of 300 million people, most of whom have cable TV.

      Only one policy has ever been shown to deter mass murder: concealed-carry laws. In a comprehensive study of all public, multiple-shooting incidents in America between 1977 and 1999, the inestimable economists John Lott and Bill Landes found that concealed-carry laws were the only laws that had any beneficial effect.

      And the effect was not insignificant. States that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns reduced multiple-shooting attacks by 60 percent and reduced the death and injury from these attacks by nearly 80 percent.

      Apparently, even crazy people prefer targets that can’t shoot back. The reason schools are consistently popular targets for mass murderers is precisely because of all the idiotic “Gun-Free School Zone” laws.

      From the people who brought you “zero tolerance,” I present the Gun-Free Zone! Yippee! Problem solved! Bam! Bam! Everybody down! Hey, how did that deranged loner get a gun into this Gun-Free Zone?

      Needless to say, Virginia Tech is a Gun-Free School Zone — at least until last Monday. The gunman must not have known. Imagine his embarrassment! Perhaps there should be signs.

    And to support the final point, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

      “Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.” – Griz (January 23, 2004)

    One Response to “Virginia Tech – some thoughts”

    1. spatsa Says:

      if you take swisterland for example every home has a riffle and sidearm. do you know what the death toll for the whole country was last year. it was about 14. 14 deaths in the whole country that amazing. they have a large population.

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