NRA Convention


If you didn’t know, the NRA convention was in St. Louis this weekend. They moved it from Columbus OH because they instituted an assault weapons ban. That meant St. Louis finally got a large, national convention that wasn’t religiously oriented. The shopkeepers were happy because that meant greater alcohol sales.

I wanted to attend the exhibition, but I was just too busy this weekend. It would have been nice to see all the new offerings from vendors.

One bit of good news, though, Governor Blunt opened the convention by signing a bill into law that would prevent the state from taking our firearms during times of emergencies (like what happened in New Orleans after Katrina). Here’s the full article:
Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Signs
Emergency Powers Protection Into Law At NRA Annual Meeting

Friday, April 13, 2007

St. Louis, MO—Governor Matt Blunt signed into law a fundamental protection against gun confiscation during declared states of emergencies. The bill signing ceremony took place at NRA’s Opening Celebration Friday afternoon at the America’s Center in St. Louis.

“I’d like to thank Governor Blunt for signing SB 257 into law,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “This is a vital common sense, self-defense measure that ensures that law-abiding Missourians will be able to defend themselves and their loved ones during an emergency. When there is a breakdown in emergency services and law enforcement is involved in vital search and rescue missions, law-abiding people need an effective means of self-defense from looters and other criminals. Thanks to Governor Blunt for championing freedom and law and order.”

“I am very pleased to sign legislation approved by Missouri’s legislature to ensure that every single Missourian can keep their firearm during times of emergency,” Governor Blunt said. “This important legislation guarantees that law-abiding citizens’ freedom to bear arms will not be taken away, especially during an emergency. I applaud the Senate and House, and the bill’s sponsor, Senator Engler, for passing this important legislation.”

SB 257, the Emergency Powers Protection Act, was sponsored by State Senator Kevin Engler and prohibits local and state authorities from confiscating legally-owned firearms from citizens during emergencies. The bill received overwhelming, bi-partisan support, passing 34-0 in the Senate and 150-2 in the House.


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  1. Kim Says:

    Gov. Blunt stood next to Tommy at the start of the St Louis Marathon today. I’m not sure what place the Governor finished, but Tommy came in 38th. The Governor actually pushed me aside a little bit to climb over the fence I was leaning on. Saw quite a few from the rear.

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