This Week in Netflix


I only added two movies to our Netflix queue this week:

Disturbia — a modern retelling of Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window…I’m bound to be disappointed

Slow Burn — the only reason I added this movie is that Jolene Blalock is in it…she was the sexy Vulcan T’Pol in the short-lived Enterprise series a few years ago


3 Responses to “This Week in Netflix”

  1. Tommy Rennier Says:

    Please don’t watch Disturbia. That is going to be terrible. I would recommend you watch the 10-disc Ken Burns Documentary – “Baseball”. Or you could add “A Streetcar Named Desire” to your list.

  2. thenatureboy Says:

    Why shouldn’t I watch Disturbia? Do you have ‘inside’ knowledge? Also, I love your choice of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ — one of my favorite movies.

  3. Tommy Rennier Says:

    I have no knowledge. I just thought it looked bad and then it got bad reviews.

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