The Cost of Illegal Immigration


While Bush does NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal immigrants — in fact, he encourages it with lax policies and talk of ‘open’ immigration — the ones that are truly hurt are our less-skilled laborers. However, we are all impacted with free services and goods that the government forces us to pay.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article by Rich Lowry on

The cost of this defeatism is borne disproportionately by low-skilled, native-born workers and the taxpayers. Flooding the job market with poorly educated immigrants does no favors for low-skilled native workers. It can only serve to depress their wages in what is already a difficult economic environment for them.

The burden on taxpayers, meanwhile, is a function of the nature of government benefits. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation calculates that low-skill households receive $32,138 in direct government benefits and services, $10,000 more than the average household. These low-skill households pay less than $10,000 a year in taxes, meaning they get three dollars from the government for every dollar paid. Because almost all immigrants from Mexico are low-skilled, they can only add to this fiscal drain.


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