A Typical Sunday


Today was a pretty typical Sunday — the day when you get done all the things that have slipped by you during the week.

It started out early for me, around 7am. I had some EMT homework and reading to do, and I also had some other work-related projects that needed attention. I also found time to fix breakfast for Ann & I (she had an egg sandwich with toasted bread and I had scrambled eggs).

This took me until about 1pm. I then trimmed the grass around the garage — the first mowing of the season!!! — and watched a little TV until 2pm. Then it was off to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. We had hoped Dane would go with us, but he worked a lot this weekend at the Copper Kettle and had plans with Sheila (girlfriend) for this evening.

Ann is fixing spaghetti tonight — it should be good as always. And I guess we’ll watch a movie after that. The boys start Spring Break tomorrow so I’m sure they’ll stay up later than normal.

A couple of pictures are below. The ones of the dogs — Buffy lying down in bed and Sabrina standing on the floor — are from my study session this morning. Given my bad back, I often lay prone (face down) in bed and read. The arching of my back seems to help. The next picture is from the movie. The last two are from a tin in which Dane stored crayons (he had it bad for the Turtles when he was a kid; FYI — much of the crowd at the movie today were college-aged):







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