Eminent Domain Reform


The Boone Liberty Coalition — of which I am Chairman — is tackling another issue. We have started a petition drive to reform eminent domain in Columbia. We want to define a ‘public’ use as truly a public use. We’re ok if the city takes land and compensates the owner for roads, sewers and the like, but we think it’s wrong to take property solely to benefit developers or to increase the tax revenue base.

Here’s some comments from a recent article in the Missourian:

“Two things prompted the petition, Nielson said: First, the city, MU and Stephens College are moving forward with a major redevelopment plan for downtown over the next 10 to 15 years that could require the city to seize private property; second, the state did not do enough in 2006 to amend eminent domain laws to protect property owners from government abuse.”

“The petition would change the way the city is allowed to condemn property for public use. Under the proposed changes to the ordinance, the city would be prohibited from selling to a private developer any property it had seized from a private landowner for 10 years from the date of the acquisition. It would also be prohibited from taking private property for economic development, including increases in tax revenue and employment.”

You can learn more at our website.


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