Melting Away

With the warmer weather the last few days, the only remnants of snow left is Bennett’s snowball fort. He must have built a good fort, because it’s standing up to heat. However, I doubt if it will last through tomorrow.


Besides that, not much to report today. The boys went back to school, Ann went to the Dept of Insurance, and I slaved away all day in the office (except for a quick visit to the doctors to have some earwax removed — my what fun!).

So, I’ll entertain you with excerpts from some articles that I read while waiting for my doctor’s appointment.


First up is Ron Paul and a quote on Republican leadership style:

The mentality in Washington is simple: avoid hard choices at all costs; spend money at will; ignore deficits; inflate the money supply as needed; and trust that the whole mess somehow will be taken care of by unprecedented economic growth in the future.


Next is Walter Williams with comments on socialized medicine (you might recognize Dr. Williams name as he is a sometimes fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh):

London’s Observer (3/3/02) carried a story saying that an “unpublished report shows some patients are now having to wait more than eight months for treatment, during which time many of their cancers become incurable.” Another story said, “According to a World Health Organisation report to be published later this year, around 10,000 British people die unnecessarily from cancer each year — three times as many as are killed on our roads.”

The Observer (12/16/01) also reported, “A recent academic study showed National Health Service delays in bowel cancer treatment were so great that, in one in five cases, cancer which was curable at the time of diagnosis had become incurable by the time of treatment.”

In Canada, waiting times for procedures are as follows: the shortest waiting time was for oncology (4.9 weeks). The longest waiting time was for orthopedic surgery (40.3 weeks), followed by plastic surgery (35.4 weeks) and neurosurgery (31.7 weeks). The median wait for a CT scan across Canada was 4.3 weeks. A Canadian’s median wait for an MRI was 10.3 weeks. Finally, the median wait for an ultrasound was 3.8 weeks across Canada.

There’s a cure for our health care problems. That cure is not to demand more government but less government. I challenge anyone to identify a problem with health care in America that is not caused or aggravated by federal, state and local governments. And, I challenge anyone to show me people dying on the streets because they don’t have health insurance.


The last columnist is Thomas Sowell. These excerpts are from his three-part series on so-called global warming entitled “Global Hot Air”:

The political left’s favorite argument is that there is no argument. Their current crusade is to turn “global warming” into one of those things that supposedly no honest and decent person can disagree about, as they have already done with “diversity” and “open space.”

Government-research money is not as likely to fall on those skeptics in the scientific community who refuse to join the stampede. Yes, Virginia, there are skeptics about global warming among scientists who study weather and climate. There are arguments both ways — which is why so many in politics and in the media are so busy selling the notion that there is no argument. If you heard both arguments, you might not be so willing to go along with those who are prepared to ruin the economy, sacrificing jobs and the national standard of living on the altar to the latest in an unending series of crusades, conducted by politicians and other people seeking to tell everyone else how to live.

In short, there has been a full court press to convince the public that “everybody knows” that a catastrophic global warming looms over us, that human beings are the cause of it, and that the only solution is to turn more money and power over to the government to stop us from our dangerous ways of living.

And finally, who doesn’t like to see dogs cuddling together:



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