Trade LJ?


I’ve had this thought for some time…would it be better for the Chiefs to trade Larry Johnson rather than sign him to a long-term, multi-million dollar contract? I think so. Why?

LJ might be the main offensive weapon that the Chiefs have right now, but he is a locker-room bust. He creates discontent and he’s often distracted. There have been reports that he text messages his rapper buddies during team meetings. He thinks he’s some kind of god, and with a fat contract, the Chiefs are going to be stuck with this locker-room menace for years.

Plus, with the number of carries he had last year, there’s a good chance he’ll never be the same again.

Talent counts for a lot — A WHOLE LOT — but you don’t win Superbowls without talent AND locker room chemistry. With LJ around, we’ll never achieve the latter.

Trade him now — avoid the big contract and get a top-ten draft pick plus another starter or two. You can acquire or create another running back.

Think I’m nuts? Well, others are now thinking the same thing. Read this latest article by Jason Whitlock, KC Star Columnist.


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