Pinewood Derby I

Tonight was the start of the Pinewood Derby event. If you didn’t know, Bennett is in a newly-formed Boy Scout Pack that started at this school. He’s a Webelo (we be loyal).

This year Bennett’s pack is hosting the event, but another, larger pack is running the operations. It’s pretty cool because it takes a lot of pressure off of our pack. These guys have got it down — registration, weigh-in, tagging, pictures, trial runs…. It’s all very smooth.

Below are a couple of pictures of Bennett from this evening. I’ll post a lot more tomorrow — complete with uniform and car. I also posted a video of Ella doing a little dance. Ella is the youngest sister of Bennett’s best friend, Luke. Luke and Ella’s dad is Bennett’s den leader.




2 Responses to “Pinewood Derby I”

  1. Dane Says:

    Gonna go out on a limb and assume you mean thats Luke’s youngest sister and not daughter. Otherwise, I think you’re letting Bennett hang out with kids a little older than him.

  2. thenatureboy Says:

    Thanks Dane! I made the correction. Don’t want to make that mistake as it might make us seem a little ‘creepy’.

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