Why Am I Skeptical about Man-Made Global Warming?

If you never listened to Neal Boortz, then you’re really missing a highly intelligent and entertaining man. If he’s not carried on a local radio station, then I highly recommended reading his daily column entitled Nealz Nuze.

Here’s a link to his Nealz Nuze from today (2/2/07) that details why you should be skeptical about man-made global warming (or climate change — the new buzzword).


One Response to “Why Am I Skeptical about Man-Made Global Warming?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Glad to hear that my uncle is against global warming fearmongering. I am the same way, having first been influenced by my fundamentalist Christian roots and more recently by the scorn heaped upon Al Gore types by the National Review.
    Anyways, I have followed your cue and put up a family blog (mostly with pics of the baby) at ourfamilydominates.blogspot.com
    I’m will link to yours as soon as I figure out how. I figure that we can drive our traffic all of the way up to 2 grandmothers a week.

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