My Boring Blog

Well, after trying this out for a few weeks, I decided to finally tell my wife about it. I wanted to make sure I had worked out the bugs and developed a ‘style’.

Apparently, according to Ann, my style is, how do you say, “BORING”. That’s right, my wife says my blog is boring.

Don’t fret. I intended it to be boring. Listen, I can’t be witting and charming everyday, and I have a hard time remember what happened from one day to the next. So I have to post each day and sometimes just don’t have the time or energy. Thus, you’ll get one (maybe two) short comments and a possible a picture about what happened that day.

You’ll also see what websites I added to my favorites for that day. Not that it means much, but it was an available feature and I took advantage of it.

Nothing more.

So, revel in my boringness!!! Here’s your chance to peak at my ‘diary under the bed’, without the insightful comments. I’ll keep you up on what’s happening around here and post a few pictures each week.

Sometimes it’s the little touches that mean a lot.


One Response to “My Boring Blog”

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